Home Automation Project


Home Automation Project

Last Updated 1/30/2012:

Okay, so as some of you may have noticed, there is a new verizon product being offered which allows you to automate your home using small wireless devices plugged into appliances, right down to your thermostat.
Now this is idea is great, but for me, it is not an option as I am not using their actiontec router nor do I want to. Additionally the devices will only work on their system, and if you decide to switch from their service at any time in the future, you can't. This led me to my long-time home automation project that i've thought about for a few years now.


Since I first saw the old X-10 products, which allowed you to automate your home using a wireless remote, and the old Packard-Bell Software of the 1990's i've wanted to automate my home. So when I was in High School we got to choose a project of our choice to build in my electronics engineering class, so I decided to build my very own "Clapper"esque device which responded to motion in the room and turned on the lights. While I was attending college the desire to automate the garage door where I was staying became a huge desire of mine, after having to drive 5 miles back to my house after *thinking* I left the door open.

Anyway, As Usual, stay tuned for updates as I will be working on this in the coming months.