RGB Lamp


RGB Lamp is a project I came up with after purchasing a defective Vector Battery powered lamp from Woot.com a few years back. Upon receving the lamp, it just wouldn't hold a charge and it turned out several other people had the same issue so woot offered a refund and told everyone to keep the lamp at no charge. For years the lamp sat unused on my desk, non-functional, collecting dust until I came up with the idea to turn it into a piece of useful digital art; The RGB Lamp.

Update 5/30/2011:

Well, I've made *some* progress with the RGB Lamp. So far i've created a working RGB 'bulb' which can blend the LEDs together to create nice fading colors... Unfortunatally In the process, I accidnetly fried my arduino that I was using to test the bulb. Apparently it was drawing too much current and I need to design a better PWM circuit to control the bulb so I don't fry yet another aduino. I have also gutted the woot lamp and made room to mount the arduino and lamp. I will also be adding an LCD onto the front of the lamp for stat monitoring when the time comes.

Update 10/7/2012:

Sadly this project was a bust. After finally sourcing the correct LEDs for the project, the lamp I was going to use for this, went missing later to be found completely broken. I may revisit this project in the future once I can find a new "lamp" but at the time, the project is officially canceled until further notice.