Mass Network Printer Install / Update Tool

Last Updated 9/3/2013:

Where to start... where to start...
within the past year I started working for a company where Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) is being used to host a Retail Point-of-Sale application. Now due to the specific setup of each store, I had to find a way of adding the same TCP/IP ports and printers to multiple RDS servers.

Enter, Print-ADD

The name, is actually a double entendre. When I was first tasked with creating over 400 printers, on 5 seperate servers, I felt like I was going insane. Adding each port, one by one, five times, and then having to install printers, mapped to those ports, well... ADD took over and I began to find myself becoming distracted to the goal at hand... install over 2000 individual printers... manually.

As I found myself getting distracted, and unable to focus on the ever-growing list of printers that had to be installed, I had to find a solution. This solution was to open powershell, and begin tinkering around with WMI. At this point, I hadn't messed around with powershell too much, but I quickly got the hang of it, and began to put together a nice framework. Within this framework, I created a method of not only adding printer ports, but matching the printer to the port name. Currently, it only works for TCP/IP ports, and the printer name must match the port name. Truth be told, I was able to add all the printers, in a fraction of the time it would have taken to do it manually. Only thing I have yet to figure out, is how to set printer permissions via powershell / WMI, or if it is even possible.

The script

So here it is, in all it's glory... it's not perfect, nor is it meant to be... it's meant to be customizable, to your specific needs.


One last thing to mention. You MUST have a file called "serverlist.txt" located at: C:\serverlist.txt
The proper format of this file is one hostname per line
Anyway, As Usual, stay tuned for updates as I will be working on this in the coming months.