Ryan's AD Toolbox

Last Updated 4/30/2014:

So I've been messing with powershell for some time now, and I figured it was about time I start to delve into Active Directory
This actually all started several months ago when I was asked to prepare a list of users that are currently active vs deactive and their last logon time. I did exactly this using a single line of powershell, but I figured I'd create a tool that makes the whole process a bit easier
So the RADTool was born... It allows you to query a user account for some interesting details such as last bad password, last logon time, and if it's active or not... it even tells you what OU they are in and what security groups they belong to... Did I mention it exports into CSV format too on a per-user basis for easy manipulation? It also has a batch dump tool, which dumps the information above into an easy to work with CSV file for every single user account in AD.
The script is stable, but I consider it to be a work in progress... As I find more "features" to add to it, I will... expanding it's usefullness.
Oh, Did I forget to mention.... You can unlock accounts too by just typing their username in ;)

The script

I use this in my current environment without any issues however I cannot guarantee that it will work in your environment. I cannot answer questions or provide technical support, so please understand I am providing this script AS-IS. I am not responsible if it breaks anything within your domain, brings upon the zombie apocolypse, etc... you get the picture.


INSTRUCTIONS: Make Sure that you set your domain attributes and file path as required...

Hopefully you find this useful :) Feel free to e-mail me or find me on freenode IRC username: tehrabbitt