BES Throttle Removal Tool


Blackberry Enterprise Server Throttle Policy Removal Tool

Last Updated 2/5/2014:

The other night, I took the big jump..... I removed BES from my exchange environment.
This was a scary task to undertake as I was [rightfully] afraid it could kill puppies, cause rivers to flood, bring upon the zombie apocalypse... or even worse... break exchange.
I noticed there wasn't much info out there on how to remove the throttling policy for BES gracefully... most "solutions" was to just set all the values to "$null" and just call it a day...
I whipped this together after much google-fu of various cmdlets to make the process a bit easier for those who are trying to remove BES from their environment.

The script

I've tested it on my server, and it worked (and made my life much easier)... however I can't guarantee that it will work on your specific environment. I cannot answer questions or provide technical support, so please understand I am providing this script AS-IS.


You MUST run this script within the Exchange Powershell window!

Hopefully you find this useful :)